Google Partners: Game On!

I was asked by the lovely folks over at Forever Beta to bring their Game On campaign for Google Partners to life.

Client: Google
Agency: Forever Beta
Art Direction, Character Design: Forever Beta
Direction: Forever Beta
My Role: Animation, Motion Graphics


Case Study- Rigging Test

Normally I design all of my own characters, so this was a great exercise in letting go of the creative reigns. Although it was also an exercise is testing my rigging chops, as I would normally design the character with the rigging proses in mind. 

The problem I had was trying to re-create the diverse flexibly of the characters in the campaign artwork. So I made this rig test for the directors, just to be sure the character aligned with the brand guides, whilst still being robust enough to run, jump and climb.

Needless to say, Forever-Beta were fantastic with their feedback, the rig worked and we pushed on to rigging the other characters.  


Case Study- Camera Test

Here is one of the early revisions of shot 01, where the camera flies through the office. Originally it was suppose to have lots of banking and pitching but was eventually swapped for a more sedate move. The joy of 3D is that such moves are infinity easier (albeit relatively) to produce than 2D.