Sandoz- Sophie has a Biopsy

The lovely people over at MediaNerd asked me to create this film for their client, Sandoz. It was unlike anything I had ever been asked to make before as it's purpose is to help children prepare for a renal biopsy. This involves taking a small sample of tissue from the kidney, which is then used to diagnose and monitor certain conditions. Kids are brave! 

My Role: Pre Production, Art Direction, Illustration & Animation
Client: Sandoz
Produced: Media Nerd
Sound: Media Nerd

Pre Production


As with all my projects, the first thing we do is sit down, preferably with a flat white and almond croissant, and discuss exactly what the film needs to provide. We doodle, bullet point key notes and slowly start putting all the information into some sort of order. From there, it's storyboard time! My favourite part of the entire process.

Style Frames

Once we have the foundations in place and blue prints drawn up it's time to pick several shots from the storyboard and draft them up in the final art treatment. This will help give the client an idea of how the colour pallet, elements and characters look and feel on stage together.