Loop Industries- The Plastic Revolution

I was honoured to be invited to help Loop Industries create a film regarding the revolutionary processes they are creating. It was truly awe-inspiring to work with a team people who are quite literally trying to save the planet. It was challenging in places, just as the chemical processes involved are so complicated, but with some soild storyboarding we found the best route.  

My Role: Pre Production, Art Direction, Illustration & Animation
Client: Loop Industries
Produced: Susan Khouloujian
Sound: Thomas Williams

Pre Production


One of the joys of working with Storybord Pro is that you can use the stills  you draft for the storyboard to create animatics. It's more work, but well worth the effort for the peace of mind that you have a better idea of of which direction the animation is heading. 

Style Frames

We went through several revisions of the style frames, but once we found a colour pallet that worked it was all systems go.