NFL- A Rookie's Guide

Client: NFL
Agency: Cub Studio
Sound: Morgan Samuel
Role: Animation & Art Direction

NFL- Style Frames

Here are the first round of style frames I developed for Cub Studio. Unfortunately along the  road of pre-production we had to change the colour of the blue floor.

Character Development

Hands down, this is my favourite part of any job. However I couldn't get too carried away as the characters had to be capable of a wide range of motion. The basic rig had be robust and easily manipulated, so I kept things simple- well, as simple as rigging can be. 



The Rig

And here's the final character all rigged up and ready to go. I created controllers that would let me change the thickness of the players arms, skin tone, kit colour, number and even shoe size. That was I could create one master rig and duplicate it to suit each shot.